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      1. 課程咨詢





        2023-01-18 13:51:14來源:新東方在線雅思 柯林斯詞典



        Describe a time when you made a complaint and you were satisfied with the result.

        You should say:

        When it happened

        Who you complained to

        What you complained about

        And explain why you were satisfied with the result

        A time when I complained about something and I was very happy with the result was when I had purchased a vase, a very decorative and attractive vase from an art gallery shop in 798 in Beijing. This was an expensive vase, actually, and was designed by a local artist. It had an abstract design of merging colours and metallic overlays and the vase was a strange, almost organic seed-like shape. Oh, it’s so hard to explain what it looked like, but anyway, you get the idea – it was beautiful, original strangely shaped and quite abstract in design and painting. Anyway, the lady in the gallery shop packed it all up for me, and when I got it home and opened it, I discovered there was a chip in the base. Admittedly, it was only in the base and not really visible to anyone, but still, it was expensive and it was a piece of art, so this can really affect its future value. So, anyway, I called the gallery, explained to the woman that there was this chip, and that it certainly did not happen in transit but must have been there before, and escaped us. She was really apologetic and kind, and she suggested that we change the vase – you see there were a few that were remarkably similar. So, I drove back to the gallery and they changed it there and then for me, and they also threw in a small photo album as a gift too – a photo album of the history of a certain type of pottery. So, yeah, I was very happy with the whole experience and certainly the result, sure! I was delighted that they dealt with it with such a polite attitude and manner and in such a way. It was a genuinely pleasant experience without any feeling of conflict or friction that usually occurs in customer services situations in my country and when something goes wrong.

        Part 3

        Which one is more effective to make a complaint, writing a letter or talking face to face?

        It totally depends on the situation, what you are complaining about and what the specific grievance is. In many cases if you speak face to face you are likely to get a more positive response as the person cannot ignore you as easily as they can if they receive an email of complaint or a phone call. But, there are situations when the customer service systems online are also very effective, they are monitored too, and the people responding to the queries make a lot of effort to please the customers and solve any issues they may have. So, it depends.

        Who are more likely to make complaints, old people or young people?

        Again, it depends. It’s more of a personality thing than an age thing, I’m sure. Young people buy a lot more stuff online, so I guess they are more likely to complain for the simple fact that they are more likely to occasionally receive faulty goods or poor service. But, on the other hand, I’m not so sure... older people tend to buy things in shops, and therefore are more likely to complain face to face, directly with the staff or the vendors… I don’t think this is related to age at all. Some people are just more likely to want to fight against a perceived injustice, and other people are more likely to just let it go.

        On what occasions are people more likely to make complaints?

        People are more likely to make complaints when they are in a restaurant or public situation where they feel the service has been bad and contributes to them perhaps losing face, too. For example, if you invite a bunch of people for a meal, and then the dishes don’t come out correctly, or take too long to arrive, or there is some problem, then the host might feel this is a bit of a loss of face in front of all the guests, and feel responsible for solving the issue so everyone is satisfied. This is the kind of situation that often leads to the host making a very firm and assertive complaint, partially on behalf of the guests to demonstrate that he really cares about how he is treating them, and unhappy that the restaurant messed something up!

        How should companies react to complaints?

        Companies all need to have a very smooth and efficient customer service complaints service. This is very important today. If a company wants to be competitive it really must show to the customers that they are special, and not just disposable. In the online medium, complaints can all be traced and customers will leave reviews for different companies and products they use, so it’s really important that companies make sure customers feel treated with respect and that their complaints are dealt with quickly and fairly. It’s increasingly important these days or your company will end up with a poor reputation and in turn, lose customers.




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